Monday, July 31, 2017


I arrive back in my little town. Before going to my house, I decide to ride down my mainstreet. I spot my friend Duane's bike at the corner store. I block him in, so he cannot escape my trip diatribe. Turns out he's been following both blogs. 💚

Duane takes a photo of me. The last one of my 3 week trip. As you can see, I'm still smiling. Truthfully? I'm already planning my next trip.....

Ketogenic food is a big part of how I fueled my trip. Something you'll notice about me? When I have cravings, I heed them. Craving seafood, I picked up scallops and shrimp on my way home. I also found a ripe avocado and picked up ingredients for a favorite asparagus recipe (saute asparagus in ghee with walnuts and fresh garlic, add fresh chopped flat leaf parsley when finished). 
For dessert? Fresh raspberries and toasted salted pecans covered in heavy cream.

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